Systems Engineering

The well-built IT infrastructure is the backbone of your company. HISYS leverage industry-specific experience in systems engineering for the defence, automotive, marine, transportation and avionics sectors to provide businesses with opportunities for growth

Improved efficiency

We seek to reduce life cycle and introduction costs, minimize design changes and lead times, and abolish errors in product or delivery.

Our systems engineering services are designed to improve traceability and enhance decision-making, help you manage industry-specific risks and help your organisation become more agile in the face of change.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach: Every business is different and we take special care to ensure our holistic approach works for your business and specific industry. Our goal is to design innovative IT strategies and architectures that you can easily sustain and eliminate redundancy by aligning your business and IT functions.

One-stop approach

Leveraging extensive knowledge of systems engineering, our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the current technical challenges in integrating different subsystems.

We provide an extensive service that begins with understanding the mechanics of the systems involved and the intricacies of your industry before we apply our process-oriented approaches to create a single, unified system

With your industry in mind

Our in-house experts have decades of experience with a variety of industries. We are familiar with the industry regulations for the avionics, defence, marine, automotive and transportation fields and we strive to deliver efficiency that helps you achieve your specific business goals​.