Place your business on the path to success with HISYS’ premier engineering consultancy services. From project management to software development, we provide a portfolio of consultancy services that address industry-specific technical challenges and provide you with a strategy for sustainable growth.

Optimise performance

Leveraging extensive industry experience and innovative solutions, we help your business differentiate itself from the competition with increased quality and performance and reduced bottom lines. Our team of in-house experts provides industry-specific insights to identify core challenges and untapped opportunities.

Industry experts

Our engineers leverage a background in avionics, transportation, marine and automotive and other engineering sectors to deliver solutions that exceed the stringent industry regulations.

Trusted advisors

HISYS prioritises relationships over revenues. Driven by the motto ‘high integrity systems by high integrity people’, we seek to understand your goals and values, and assess your current state to optimise performance. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach and focus on maintaining long-term value and achieving sustainable growth

Rigorous research

To remain the best at what we do, we at HISYS recognise the importance of staying in the loop. Our expert engineers conduct extensive research and rely on viability studies to find opportunities for improvement in your strategy and consult you on bridging the gap between goals and achievements.